7 Ways To Make Your Digital Content Stand Out From The Crowd


The world of digital publishing has given Internet marketers and authors much more command over the how, what, where, and when of publishing than was previously possible. Compared to even two years ago, digital publishing has gotten faster and easier.

That’s created great opportunities for those of us who make our living in the Internet world. If there’s a downside, it’s that the ease of digital publishing has brought thousands and thousands of new digital content creators into the marketplace.

With so many more places for our readers and customers to browse and get content, correct marketing has become equally as vital as creating useful content. It’s always been important, but now, without very creative marketing, your content will simply not be noticed.

As Grant Cardone says in his wonderful book The 10X Rule, The Only Difference Between Success and Failure, ‘the problem isn’t competition, it’s obscurity.’ The mountain of digitally published content has grown rapidly, so it’s harder to get your content up there on the top of the heap.

But digital content allows you to engage your consumers by making your content interactive. Creating interactive digital content directs your reader’s attention and asks for feedback and discussion. Interactivity creates memorable and sharable moments, and that helps catapult your content right toward the top of the growing mountain. What to try it?

Here are 7 ways to make your content interactive:

1. Create assessments as part of your content. As an example, if you’re creating digital instruction (a workbook or e-course) build in a before and an after assessment for the consumer. You can put this right into your content, but also invite the user to a hidden page on your website where they can download and print out the assessment forms.

You can also invite them to share their before and after assessment results on a testimonial or comment page. Ask for shares of their ‘before and afters’ through social media, or Tweet it out yourself, with a link back to the sales page.

2. Invite questions about your content, directed to a special Facebook forum page that’s just for buyers of your content. Make sure you scan the page and offer quick answers every day or so. You can also point out different key points in your content and ask for comments or expand on what you said in the publication.

3. Offer additional resources in your digital content, sending your consumers to special pages on your website to download the resources. If you require a name and e-mail address to obtain the additional resources you can then engage your consumers with follow-up e-mails to keep your conversation going.

4. Ask for their stories and weave these into your blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook comments. People love to be noticed and given a shout-out. They will naturally share what you’ve created through social media, giving you more visibility. Ask why they bought your content, how they will use it, what different it has made, and similar questions.

5. As a follow-on to number 4, interview selected readers of your content. This works well if you have already created a dialogue with some of your consumers by asking about their stories. When you find someone who is interesting and has something to say that adds value, request to interview them in a 10 minute audio or as an interview for your blog. Most people will love being asked, help you create buzz by talking about the interview, and the interview will, in turn, create more interest in your publication.

6. Create an online survey, asking your reader’s opinion about some key topic in your publication. Invite them in the publication to click through and take the survey. Offer to share the results with them or have the survey show the results immediately, and ask for them to Tweet the result. People like to see how their opinion stacks up against everyone else’s. It’s a simple but effective way to make your content interactive.

7. Create a contest inside your content. Make the contest prize in line with the topic of your content. As an example, if your content is about better blogging, let the contest be something that requires the reader to comment on a blog page about this content, or perhaps leave a review of it on Amazon. Offer a prize that’s a monthly or weekly drawing for the next 90 days, something that the reader will value. You can then create marketing campaigns around the content and the prizes for that period of time.

I’m betting you could come up with even more ways to make your digital content interactive. Keep in mind that interactivity creates a two-way street, and that in turn creates visibility and buzz. Make interactivity a key component in your marketing strategy for your digital content and you’ll be on top of the mountain instead of buried under it.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below…

This article was originally published on The Future of Ink and is reprinted here in its entirety for our Magnolia Media Network readers.